Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guru Peyarchi 2010 (Jupiter Transit)

Guru Peyarchi 2010 Predictions

The planet Jupiter / Guru Transits from Kumbha (Aquarius) rashi (sign) to Meena (Pisces) rashi on 21.11.2010 at 11.10 am according to vakhya panchanga. Vakhya panchanga is ancient method of calucalting planetary positions. Many temples in Tamilnadu follows vakhya panchang and there are poojas and pariharas.

Jupiter will occupy meena rashi until 8.5.2011 then jupiter will be in retrogade motion (opposite direction) and get back to kumbha (aquarius) on 21.11.2010 morning 6 O clock. (pooratathi 3rd pada). on 22.11.2010.

Now let us see what is the benefic and harmful position of guru. Jupiter will give favorable results when it occupies 2,5,7,9,11 houses from the janma rashi (moon sign at birth).

Jupiters ruling houses are Dhanush and meena. His enemy houses are Rishaba, Mithuna, Kanya and Thulam. His friendly signs are Mesha, Kadaka, Simha and Vrichika.

So Kadaka, Kanya, Vrichika and Kumbha rashi people will get favourable results due to guru Peyarchi. Mesha, Rishaba, Mithuna, Thula and Makara rashi people will get average results due to guru peyarchi. So Meenam, Thanusu, Simma rashi people will be affected by this transit.

People belong to these rashi can do parihara (remedial measures) to satisfy jupiter.

Donate yellow coloured clothes to elders and poor people
Recite navagraha sthothra in Shiva temple
Donate food for Elephant (Jupiters vehicle)

I will give detailed predictions in few days i have enough spare time! Good luck.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tamil Astrology Software at Very Reasonalbe Prize!

Match Making and Horoscope Software

I have received so many requests regarding the Tamil Astrology Software 'AstroGuru'. The software has capabilities of generating horoscope charts with inputs of Date of birth, Time of birth and place of birth. The primary language of reports in Tamil and charts styles are in south Indian Style. The software can output all possible horoscope charts like Rashi , Navamsa and all dwadasa charts. It can precisely calculate the Vimshottari dasa, the preferred dasa system for predictions.

The software has a simple and powerful interface for match making (jathaka porutham). Just enter the birth details of bride and groom. You will get the chart of both the girl and boy and Ten matches (pathu porutham) all in Tamil. The software can also check for Mangal (sevvai) dosha and rahu-ketu dosha and will recommend parahiaras if any.

This is a must to have software for those wishing to marry.

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What is the price of the Match Making and Horoscope software?

Initially i was selling the software at Rs. 5000 to astrologers. Now i want my work to be useful to all general public. So decided to release it to public at very reasonable price of Rs. 2500 only. Only pay Rs. 2500 and enjoy the full features of the software for your lifetime.

How to purchase?

If you wish to purchase make payment (Rs. 2500) to one of the following Bank Accounts.

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For any clarifications feel free to contact me at :

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guru Peyarchi 2010 predictions

Guru peyarchi palankal , Jupiter Transit 2010

Guru / Jupiter is the most auspicious planet in Vedic astrology. Thus its transit / Gochara predictions are eagerly awaited by many. This year Jupiter tranists from Kumbha / Aquarius rasi / sign to Meena / Pisces sign on 2nd may 2010. We explain below which rasi / sign get benefits from this guru peyarchi. Currently Jupiter is in the nakshatra constellation of P Bhadrapad / Pooratathi 3 rd pada. After transit Jupiter goes to the 4th pada of the same nakshatra constellation.

Mesham / Aries

You have enjoyed a prosperous and happy life while before transit. Now jupiter is transiting your twelfth house, the house of loss / vyaya. This period indicates loss of wealth. Becareful about your new business undertakings. Avoid speculation/lottery share market etc. But jupiter in this transit jupiter occupies its own ruling sign - Meena. This will reduce the bad effects to some extent. Medical expenses will increase. Take
care about mohter's health. Things will improve when jupiter againt tranists to the eleventh house due to retrogade motion during november, 2010.

Rishabam / Taurus

Taurus born people will enjoy a happy life due the tranist of jupiter. In short they will acquire wealth and status. Their professional status will improve. If you are in a job you will get promotion and increments. Business endeavors will result in good profits. There may be auscpicious ceremonies in the family or close relatives. Jupiter's 11th house transit will help you to acquire house/property, vehicles. Health will improve.

Mithunam / Gemini

Jupiter is transiting your tenth house the house of profession / jeevana. Jupiter will cause obstacle in business/job. Losses are expected. Problems due to labor government etc are indicated.

Kadaka / Cancer

This is a favorable transit for kadaka rasi born people. Jupiter enters the bhagya sthana for your rashi. This indicates imporvements in professional sphere. Employees will get promotion, transfers to the places they want, get name and fame. Generally good for overall life.

Simha / Leo

Be warned Leo born people! Jupiter tranist your eight house. The ashtama sthana is generally considered inauspicious. You may encounter opposition from professionl, business and family life. Be prepared to meet letigations, health problems, hospital expenses. Obstacles in undertakings are indicated by this tranist. This is not a good time for new endeavors.

Kanni / Virgo

This is a good and favorable transit for kanni rashi people. Jupiter tranist the kalathra sthana which indicates hormony and happy in family life. Husband and Wife will understand each other well during this period. Family relations will improve. Separated couples will regroup. Partnership business will improve. Generally good results are indicated. Auspicious journey is indicated.

Tula / Libra

For Tula rasi people jupiter is transiting the sixth house from rasi which is unfavorable. Troubles from enemies is indicated. You may suffer from illness and medical expense may be there. Unexpected unnecessary travels are indicated. Be careful about your opponets/enemies. Avoid taking new loans. Avoid borrowing money. Difficult period.

Vrsichika / Scorpio

A good time starts for scorpio born people. General happiness and birth of a child is indicated. During this period good income, success in undertakings, travel to holy places, happiness from children is indicated.

Danush / Sagittarius

Jupiter is transiting your 4th house which is not good. General results are discord at home and increase of opponents. Problems are indicated with relatives. Mothers health also will worry you. There may be expenses due to house and vechiles. Try to avoid selling / purchasing new / old house and vehicles.

Makara / Capricorn

Ill health is indicated when jupiter tranist third house from janma rasi. Failures in undertakings, obstacles, problems due to servants / labors, quarrels with superiors, problems with brothers, fear, anxiety, unexpected expenses, displacement and like things will happen

Kumbha / Aquarius.

Second house tranist of jupiter will bring you wealth and health. Gain of wealth is indicated. You will get success in business / job. Will get name and fame. Marriage and other good occassions are indicated.

Meena / Pisces

Displacement and expenditure is indicated for Meena rasi born people. Jupiter transits your janma rasi / birth sign which is not good. Avoid new undertakings and be careful about enemies.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sun dasa - moon/chandra bukthi

Readings for Sun dasha-moon bukthi

During the antardasa of moon in the maha dasa of sun the native will get benefic results if the moon is well placed in kendra, trikona, ruling, exalted. He will defeat enemies, get maternal wealth, good agriculture produce, education, prosperity etc.

Otherwise if moon is in inimical sign, debilitated or posited at 6,8 12th bhava and aspected by malefics all his undertakings will fail. He will be afflicted by many diseases. Unnecessary expenses and losses will happen.

The moon is exalted in Taurus at 3 deg,debilitated in Scorpio at 3 deg and get moolatrikona bala in Taurus at 4 deg, 20 arc

The moon is friendlier to Sun and mercury, Enemy to none, Neutral to Mars, Jupiter, Venus and saturn. Moon is also naturally benefic planet. Moon rules the sign kadaka / cancer.

Moon is benefic to Kadaka, Vrischika and Meena lagna born people. It is malefic to Rishaba, Kanya, Makara and kumbha born people. Moon is maraka (death inflicting) to Mithuna / Gemini ascendants.

Moon represents watery places, north west direction and belongs to feminine gender. In social status moon is the king. Moon represents Mind. and belong to Vaishya caste.

Sun dasa - sun bukthi

The Period of Sun Dasa is 6 years. The first antardasa / bukthi is that of sun. The period of sun bukthi is 3 months 18 days. If sun is placed in kendra, trikona positions and also in friendly / ruling /exalted sign - rashi and also get thristi from benefic planets the native will get benefits from the government, his political ambitions will be fulfilled. He will acquire name, fame and wealth during this period.

Otherwise if sun is badly posited, i.e. in the enemic, debilitated sign, aspected by malefics saturn, rahu and ketu all his endeavors will fail. Unexpected and unwanted will happen.

During the dasa of sun the houses signified by the sun (the house ruled by sun, the house occupied by the sun, the house of the lord of the sign occupied by the sign) will be activated. For example, for mesha lagna the sun is the lord of 5th house. So during sun dasa the fifth house matters, like children, fame and name will be experienced by the native.

The sun is Exalted in the sign Aries at 10 deg, Debilitated in Libra at 10 deg and get mooltrikona in Leo from 0-20 deg.

The sun is friend of Moon, Mars and Jupiter. Enemy of Venus and Saturn. Sun is neutral to Mercury.

The sun rules the sign simha / Leo and the direction east. In human body in rules bones, in social status sun is the king, sun is masculine in gender. Sun belongs to Kshatriya caste and rules the soul.

Physical attributes of the sun:
The sun has a square build, scanty but curly hair, lovely appearance, good intelligence, impressive voice, medium stature, red eyes, dark red complexions, strong bones, bilious nature, firm temperament and saffron robes.

The sun is benefic to Mesha, Rishaba, Simha and Danush lagna / ascendants. Sun is malefic to Mithuna, Tula and Meena ascendants. Sun is maraka (death inflicting planet) to kumbha lagna native.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Astrology Discussion forum

I have created a astrology discussion forum at The forum discuss various topics on astrology, numerology etc. I encourage you to take part in the forum. The forum will help us find solutions using astrology a tool. In this forum eminent Indian astrologers will participate and express their opinion. Horoscope matching techniques are elaborately discussed on the forum.

The forum is easy to use. You can create topics of interest and users will follow those topics. You can even create your own polls. Please visit the forum

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tamil Horoscope match by Rashi&Nakshatra

Jadhaka porutham by Janma rashi & nakshatra

Recently i have updated my astroguru website, to generate marriage match report with rashi and nakshatra. You don't have to enter you birth details like date and time of birth. Just give the bride and bride groom's rashi and nakshatra and get the ten match (pathu porutham) report. This report will not include Manglik dosha check and rashu-ketu naga dosha checking.

I give this option for convenient purpose. I recommend everyone to give birth details to get Manglik dosha checking.

Tamil / English rashi porutham

For north Indian people interested in Ashtakoota / Eight matches there is still another way to get it. Just check out

Ashtakoota - Kundli match
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